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Discover MAX, the new channel for movie and television series aficionados.MAX offers a diversified and refined programming, from classic movies to blockbusters hits, and the most celebrated tv series.|"CMT Canada offers an entertaining line-up of music, comedy and real-life programming that viewers can relate to.

Led by the most engaging personalities, the channel’s exclusive content broadens horizons and fulfils ongoing curiosity.

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Featured series include The Island With Bear Grylls, Ghost Adventurers, BBQ Crawl and Survivorman.|"High quality family programming that is 100% commercial-free, with no gratuitous violence or sex.

With feature films, exclusive series, and specials, and sixty percent of the programming coming from the magic of Disney, it is all about families having fun.

Hosting the biggest reality, drama and movie titles, Slice HD is the go-to channel for hit shows and relatable topics women can't get enough of.

As the number one source for engaging and entertaining historical programming, History Television captivates Canadian audiences with gripping documentaries and dramas about the people and events that have shaped our world.

Télémagino HD inspires kids to let their imaginations take flight.

With exclusive programming and buzz-worthy personalities, Slice HD is the ultimate destination for women.

Turn to the network with the most unpredictable stories, the most unforgettable characters, and the best movies and series emerging from Hollywood. Escape the ordinary and explore an unconventional entertainment experience.

Turn to the network with the most unpredictable stories, the most unforgettable characters, and the best movies and series emerging from Hollywood. Teletoon provides programming that aims to deliver the best in animation from Canada and around the planet, including a mix of new programs with favourite classics.

Teletoon HD is a cartoon-crammed network that delivers hilarious comedy, unexpected surprises and edge-of-your-seat action, all in High Definition.

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