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Two great ways to get paid as a phone sex operator.Get paid from talking over your phone, by sending and receiving text messages or both!

Muccio was charged with sending words and photos of a sexual nature to the student.The teen's father found them on his son's Instagram account.A Minnesota appeals court had struck down a state law aimed at adults who use social media to lure children into sexual encounters.Some networks automatically forward calls to your mobile phone (your numbers always kept private) and will only connect if you’re able to take the call.If you can’t connect, it’ll inform the customer without transferring them to your voicemail (for privacy reasons).If you want to get into the adult industry, but don’t want to perform on camera, sex talking or sexting might be the perfect career for you.

If you’ve got a great personality, love to talk on the phone and have a sexy voice, you’ve got what it takes to become a phone-based sex worker.Here are the networks you can sign up for and start making money over your mobile phone.Read The Full Guide To Becoming A Phone Sex Operator Phone sex operators can also get paid from from mobile messaging apps.Make money streaming sexy shows, uploading pics and videos or more. All these platforms and networks have privacy in mind.All networks use 3rd party services to connect the calls.Your phone number and real identity is never made public.

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