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But SZA preferred to just let the moments happen in the studio. " She also detailed how her anxiety issues affected her songwriting process: "I freestyle everything, all the way down. And if something’s too shitty and I can’t put my finger on it, and I think, wow this sucks to me, then I get way frustrated, and usually scrap the song." When recording the album, SZA would record in drafts, recording one draft all the way down, before listening back and rephrasing it. But when I heard 'Supermodel', I couldn't even imagine what the song would sound like. The production was characterised as predominantly hip-hop-influenced with hints of soul and pop.In an interview with The Guardian, SZA revealed how her record company had to confiscate her hard drive: "They just took my hard drive from me. However, with the album's opening track "Supermodel", SZA took on a different approach stating, "'Supermodel' was different. The album opens with "Supermodel" which is built over an electric guitar riff, and reads as an "exposed diary entry" that lyrically talks about relationship betrayal and fallout.

The record remained stable at number 12 in its third week, moving 28,000 album-equivalent units and dropping to number 13 on the following week with 25,000 album-equivalent units (5,000 pure album sales).

Once you strip everything down, you're forced to say something." SZA contributed heavily to the album's lyrics. SZA recorded "Drew Barrymore" after hearing a beat that reminded her of the film Poison Ivy, stating the character was "lashing out because she was lonely and pissed that her life was like this" which SZA connected with.

Her contributions to the album, she revealed, were freestyled in some way, though she tried to come in with prerecorded phone notes or journals of ideas. I was choosing from 150, 200 songs, so I'm just like, who knows what's good any more? The album contains a precise sonic methodology, which takes influence from pop, hip-hop and electronic genres.

The song talks about SZA's ex partner who left her on Valentine’s Day.

"Doves in the Wind" features rapper Kendrick Lamar and is built over a "woozy" production.

Throughout the album's recording process, record producer Rick Rubin helped SZA creative process.

"I had this mentality that 'more is more' -- more reverb, more background [vocals]," stating "I played him a bunch of songs, and he would tell me, 'The more you take away from any piece, the more room you create for everything else to be beautiful and grow.' I never felt that before, the editing urge.

During the album's studio sessions, SZA and the album's producers would go into the studio, open up the hard drive, and filter through the recorded songs and beats to decide if the songs were good or "worth trying to make better" and continue experimenting.

During the process, SZA would search songs that were in the Top 40 during various years including the 40's and 80's and start listening to their synths to gain some inspiration.

Following the release of Z (2014), SZA began working on her debut and writing for other musicians including Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, and Anti's opening track "Consideration" for Rihanna, which she featured on.

However the debut album faced various setbacks, initially promised at the end of 2015, then at the start of 2016.

RZA opened with a dialogue stating "I’m zoning in with my homegirl, SZA—Self Savior, Zig-Zag-Zig Allah." Followed by a short verse "Yeah, I think you can take that far, Mama. Despite there being no European leg of the tour, on July 10, 2017, American singer and rapper Bryson Tiller announced that SZA would be opening for the European portion of his Set It Off Tour in support of his studio album True to Self from October 17, 2017, to November 30, 2017, separate from Ctrl the Tour.

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