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With no wires whatsoever to think about, this must be the simplest security system we’ve ever installed.

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We tried the Argus both outdoors and inside, and found the wide field of view to be clear and well-lit in both cases.

It also means there are no vulnerable parts that could break off, and it feels well-built despite being made of plastic.

Most outdoor cameras are metal affairs, but Reolink’s effort doesn’t feel too flimsy at any rate.

Scan a couple of these, enter your Wi-Fi password when prompted, and you’re done.

Two alternative mounting brackets are included in the box, one of which is a tall screw-on stalk, and the other a magnetic ball and socket bracket. The beauty of Argus is that you can install both brackets in different locations and just carry your camera from one to the other with no interruption in service.

It’s not smart enough for facial recognition and can’t distinguish people from animals.

There’s no digital zoom either, but you can at least adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor in three steps to reduce false positives.There is room for improvement regarding the app, however.For instance, locating your recordings is not easy as they are not labelled.And with a micro SD card slot for recording the action, there’s no additional subscription cost with this one-off purchase.The smooth capsule design and white finish of the Argus make it blend into the background, so much so that you might not notice it – but for the row of LEDs (although these can be turned off).Although this is only Reolink’s second battery-powered, wire-free IP camera, the brand has an established range of traditional wired security systems, and the Argus is the most cost-effective proposition so far – even though it comes in a sealed, weatherproof case and manages Full HD resolution.