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It all started with one entry from Jeff, as he sat beside me in the ICU: "Sunday night: dad got home, ame still throwing up. Progress was slow, and for a while it seemed that I was making no progress at all. told dad you'd need surgery b/c something was hard with rock-hard ab and asked who he uses. And each time you go I get angry about my thought of it not being the last time see you. Garvey wants to make sure everything inside of you is doing well. they even want you to start breathing on your own, which I know you will be doing soon.

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it is impossible to overstate how far you've come and how much you've already done. Reading Jeff's journals has overwhelmed me with gratitude for life, how far I've come, and the support all around me. Remembering is how we literally put the "members" of ourselves back together! When I was finally discharged from the hospital, writing about my memories helped me to process them.

and Amy, we will be with you every step of the way. but you have already beat so much, and you are still here.

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Also, wartet nicht zu lange und geniesst heute schon den geilen heissen Sexchat auf Fundorado!Reliving What I've Tried to Forget It's one thing to perform a one-woman musical about my life. plus, you are doing really well right now, and I don't want to jinx anything. you were working very hard, and breathing quickly, but your o2 saturation numbers looked great. I hope you remember some of this when we're all out of here (though I guess I also hope you don't remember a lot of this).But to hand off a script to actors you've never met before and have them play roles that have been to interwoven was a tremendous act of trust, bravery and good faith. the nurse said that she asked you to move your hand again this morning, and you moved your right. Wednesday Morning: I'm going to try to catch you up quickly on the last few days. Mom called me in the morning to tell me that they tested you off the ventilator for an hour and you did fine, so they were presently disconnecting the ventilator. Matt, Mom and I were with you and I was trying to tell you to relax and conserve your strength (you were naturally agitated).Also, we accept author's submissions and erotic writing!As the brilliant young marketing director of a confectionary business, Matt has an intimate relationship with chocolate.To him, chocolate is not only the world's favourite flavour, it is also an extremely potent marketing concept.