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Melbourne, is arguably home to Australia's finest restaurants and fine dining.

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Melbourne also consistently ranks as one of the world's most livable cities.

Melbourne Australia is not only considered Australia's sporting and cultural capital, it happens to contain more single women than in any other major Australian city. Melbourne also has a reputation for sports mad footy fans, great coffee, quaint wine bars, pumping nightlife and unpredictable weather.

As Australia's second largest city, it's hard to know where to meet single men and women.

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Here's a few dating ideas to consider for that all important first date ;) Melbourne, with all its nooks and crannies, is a city purpose-built for romance and cavorting!

Eureka Skydeck 88 is one of the world's tallest buildings and at a breathtaking height of 975 feet your date will be wowed by the dazzling Melbourne views from way above. Only one way to find out, by daring each other to go out to 'the edge' - a glass floor at your feet that brings a feeling of nothingness in between you and the Melbourne streets.

Unlike its bigger cousin Sydney, Melbourne has managed to retain a more friendly and relaxed persona, a quality seldom found in large cities.

Upon visiting Melbourne and the popular entertainment strips such as St Kilda, you'll notice a sense of acceptance and a willingness for the local folk to engage or be engaged.

Visiting bars and being set-up by your friends can become a little tiresome after a while.

My point being that, in times of busier and busier working days and other commitments, finding opportunities to meet like-minded single men and women is a challenge for most people.

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