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Genelia dsouza dating - women over 35 dating

Plus, being in a relationship means it’s all about two people and one simply cannot go ahead and speak.

Of late, there has also been buzz about Karan sharing a kind of special relationship with his present co – star, Krystle D’souza.Krystle points out that Karan speaks a lot and sometimes he talks a lot of crap and also asks him to control his mouth from the next time onwards!The two (Karan and Krystle) are more like two guys being the best of buddies, more than any relationship.To this Karan quipped that they are very good buddies and they also share their green rooms with only a divider separating the common room.They love spending time together and make it a point to watch at least one Hollywood series together.Karan debuted on the silver screen as an anchor in , aired on the channel Star One.

Here, he played the role of a flirty, happy – go – lucky guy named Sameer Saxena who hails from Manali.

Karan Tacker Biography / Family: Karan was born on 1 March in the year 1986. After completing his schooling, he pursued his higher studies in Business Management.

He was born to a Punjabi family in Delhi but was brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He started his career with modeling and did quite a lot of ads.

He also did not disclose her name on being questioned.

Right now, he is single and is fully committed to his work!

He enters the Gujral mansion in Mumbai with an intention to take revenge on his father’s death and happens to meet a simple yet beautiful girl named Avni. Avni also falls in love with him and both get married.