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Chancellor Angela Merkel long opposed same-sex marriages, only agreeing to a free vote in Parliament on the matter in June, shortly before national elections.

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(She died in 2001.) As the author of a book on Germany’s most famous erotica entrepreneur, I am struck by how radically the early stages of her career deviated from Hefner’s. But whereas Hefner “liberated” men to live out their sexual fantasies free of financial or emotional responsibilities to women, Uhse urged mutual pleasure built on communication and sexual education — as well as sex toys, skimpy lingerie, and titillating photos.According to the survey, 72 percent of Germans say that their partner is the love of their lives and that they are sexually satisfied.But one in three Germans say they have had an affair at least once, with only two out of five daring to tell their partners.And Germans are on average not particularly hurried when it comes to the act itself — the average length of intimate encounters is 15 minutes, with some connoisseurs (45 percent) adding 10 minutes of foreplay.The duration is adequate to the needs of 61 percent.Kreile, 59, said it was an ‘‘incredible honor’’ to be the first same-sex couple to marry in Germany, noting that he and Mende, 60, had been campaigning for gay rights for decades.

After cutting the wedding cake — featuring a rainbow flag and the words ‘‘marriage for all’’ — the couple planned to hold a small reception and fly to Vienna later in the week for a five-day honeymoon.

According to official figures there were about 43,000 registered partnerships in Germany in 2015, most of which are expected to be converted into marriages in the coming months.

Hugh Hefner’s death has reopened bitter debates about his place in history.

The average age difference between partners in Germany is 5.8 years.

And Germans are a romantic lot: Nearly three-quarters say they are on cloud nine when they are in love, and 13 percent can think of nothing else.

By war’s end, she was a widow, a mother, and a refugee from Soviet-occupied East Germany.

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    S., or being smitten at first sight and getting hitched as soon as possible, or calculating the odds of success at asking for a date in a precalculus class.