Get over dating fears

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When people began forming connections online, romantic or otherwise, the anonymity the internet allowed was terrifying.

Repeated exposure to situations or people that make you feel anxious eventually lessens your fear response and makes you realise that you really are more resilient than you thought you were.

People with anxiety can be highly self-critical, tend to overestimate the likelihood that something negative will happen, and often feel that others are judging them.

Sometimes, just thinking about a social situation can induce panic attacks, which are sudden spikes of intense anxiety that peak within a few minutes and feel like you’re about to have a heart attack, lose control, or go mad.

Being in such a negative state doesn’t allow you to put your best self forward and shine.

An effective way to get over this is to stop focusing on what might go wrong.

During social situations, people with anxiety might feel short of breath and experience dizziness, sweating, blushing, stuttering, and an upset stomach Many people are affected by anxiety.

In fact, one in 14 people around the world will have an anxiety disorder at any given time, with women and young people being most affected.Whitney Wolfe, the founder of the dating app Bumble, said she thinks some companies were promoting that message themselves, through the way they marketed.“In the last decade, [dating sites] marketed to the desperate, to people who were lonely and hopeless,” she said on Wednesday at the Washington Ideas Forum, an event produced by The Aspen Institute and internet.) Later, in the same commercial, a woman says, “I don’t think anybody, no matter how old they are, should ever give up.” Evoking skepticism and giving up may not be the best way to make people excited for a dating service.Skepticism and fear are typical reactions to technology that changes how people connect.Next time, practice making small talk for a longer time and with more people.This will retrain your mind to stop seeing social situations as scary and will give you greater control when around others.Maybe you’ll discover that this cutie has a lying streak, is unreliable, or says things that he/she doesn’t mean. Because the only thing worse than being in a bad relationship for a year, is being in a bad relationship for a year and a day.

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