Gladstone qld dating

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Gladstone qld dating

Consequently the is a pleasant 2 km walk which will take about 35 minutes. The walk involves seven stages and the main attractions are the Grand Hotel (built in 1897, destroyed by fire and faithfully restored with the upper storeys being particularly impressive); the Heritage Tree (it is clearly signposted on Roseberry Street) a beautiful old fig tree with roots dropping from the branches; the Golding Lookout which offers a superb overview of the city's marina, the harbour and the wharf facilities - there is a directional guide which helps the visitor to identify the islands off the coast; and the walk then descends the hill to Auckland Inlet where there are remnants of wharves and stores dating from the 1860s.Making your way back to the city centre you will understand why the city does not have a lot of historic buildings.

Included in the collection are articles and photographs of cultural significance to the Gladstone Region." Auckland Hill Lookout or Golding Lookout This is an opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view over the port as well as an opportunity to understand just how much of an industrial centre Gladstone is.

Although Queensland, unique amongst Australian states, has a series of major regional centres along its coast (Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns) only Gladstone feels like a genuinely industrial city.

The NRG Power Station, the huge port, the Queensland Alumina Ltd operation to the south of the city, the RG Tanna Coal Terminal, the Cement Works, the Gladstone Ports Corporation all make it one of the most substantial and commercially successful ports in Australia.

is stockpiled at Auckland Point for final shipment to Geelong where it is used as a filler in plastics, paper glossing and toothpaste." The port also exports "wheat, sorghum, maize and oil seeds from Biloela and Emerald areas to India, Iran, Japan, New Guinea, South Africa and South Yemen".

Round Hill Lookout Located at the end of Boles Road the Round Hill Lookout offers the best overview of Gladstone and all its industries.


pm: The family of the young mother missing in the Gladstone region for the past two days has received the heart-breaking news that her body has been found. For help, members of the public are encouraged to contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 or at In this sense it is worth visiting but, most of all, it has its own visitor attractions - impressive lookouts, nearby beaches, a beautiful Botanic Gardens and easy access to the southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef.Gladstone is located 518 km north of Brisbane via Highway 1 and 108 km south east of Rockhampton.More than 100 million tonnes of cargo with over thirty products pass through the port each year.In the last three decades this quiet port has become a maritime centre with some of the most sophisticated loading facilities in the country.Completed in 1982 and officially opened in 1988, they cover 55 ha and include lakes (Lake Tondoon), cascades, some interesting sculptures, a Japanese garden (the Garden of Stillness and Movement), an herbarium and arboretum and an interpretative nature trail with information about the birds in the lakes.

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