Golden brooks dating 2016

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Fresno-born Golden Brooks initially balked at the idea of being part of a cable series called “Hollywood Divas.” Generally, the term diva is used to describe someone to avoid.

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Her longest run was on “Girlfriends,” which ran from 2000-2008.

This is the In ‘n’ Out of TV.” Along with the reality series, Brooks is keeping very busy with acting.

Along with a recurring role on “Blunt Talk” with Patrick Stewart, Brooks has six projects that will be released in the near future.

Golden Brooks has lost out on her lead role in the new “Lethal Weapon” television series to her former “Girlfriends” co-star, Keesha Sharp. #Grateful #Blessed,” Sharp wrote on Twitter after being cast in the new role.

The decision to recast the lead female role in the series was made after the first table read on Wednesday, reports “Excited to join the Fox pilot ‘Lethal Weapon’ as the wife to Damon Wayans, Sr.

Golden Ameda Brooks (born December 1, 1970) is an American actress.

She began her career with starring role in the Showtime comedy series, Linc's (1998–2000), and later has appeared in films Timecode (2000) and Impostor (2001).As a child, she competed as a figure skater and won several trophies. She studied and taught ballet, jazz, and modern dance.Brooks studied literature and sociology and is a graduate of UC Berkeley where she majored in Media Representation of Minorities with a minor in Theater.The down side was the cameras were rolling when Brooks had a wardrobe malfunction on a fashion show runway.Most of the show focuses on conversations between the women that can be kind or catty.“At times it’s like being part of high school locker room chatter,” Brooks says.