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Of course, this was a major flashpoint in the Console Wars.The first of the two was released in March, while the second one was released at the end of October.

Ok, so lots of people think that Grand Theft Auto is one of the most innapropriate games out there. The ratings company really exagerated on this game.The Language: It's something you're gonna have to ignore.Yes, there is a lot of language, but Niko attempts to slow down on what he says to people.One of the biggest changes from previous installments was 's ability to take advantage of the Internet connectivity that virtually all consoles of the time had built in.A number of multiplayer game modes are offered, from classic deathmatch and team deathmatch to team-based co-op missions.If a player shoots an rpg at a cop car then there will be a violent battle.

after like two days, the free roaming will get boring and the player will focus more on the campaign which is not very violent at all.

If he doesn't, he actually feels very relieved.

He doesn't like the drugs or too much violence, he tries to clean it up by doing violence to stop the evil people from smuggling drugs in the end.

There's even an open sandbox mode so you can run around Liberty City doing whatever you want, be it with your friends or complete strangers.

Before the game's release, Rockstar signed a million deal with Microsoft to produce two downloadable expansion packs exclusively for the Xbox 360 in 2009.

The Drugs: The main character doesn't once light up a joint throughout the game, and he hates drugs.

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