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Included is the 15 Kyats, 35 Kyats, 45 Kyats and 75 Kyats.

This is meant to highlight the diversity and inclusiveness of Canada.

In order to combat a serious coin shortage, the capital city of Vienna issued their own currency. With the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire following World War I, hundreds of local communities briefly issued their own emergency currency, known as notgeld, for use within the town.

These notes are denominated in Heller and usually depict scenes of the issuing community.

The set catalogs for over , however our price is MUCH less. The camp was located near the small town of Aschach an der Donau, which is in Upper Austria on the Danube River.

These currency notes were issued for the Aschach A. The POW Camp primarily held Officers and Non-commissioned officers from Serbia and Montenegro.

In 1973 Muhammad Daud Khan (also known as Mohammad Daoud Khan) overthrew his cousin and brother-in-law, the king of Afghanistan, and declared himself President of Afghanistan.

Though he did not claim the title of the Shah, he retained many of the Shah's powers.The clear window includes the Canadian arms and flag and a piece of Inuit art called the "Owl's Bouquet".Beneath it are 3-dimensional maple leaves, which look raised, but are flat. It is an impressive looking polymer note that features the latest anti-counterfeiting technology.He initiated a number of progressive policies, including the expansion of the rights of women.He suppressed the radical Islamic fundamentalists, whose leaders found refuge in Pakistan and who were supported encouraged by the Pakistan government.The reverses of the notes features various Afghan vignettes. The 20 Afghanis shows a scene of Kabul featuring a canal. The 100 Afghani features the Friday Mosque in Herat.