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Hotspringsdating com

Sometimes just a day or two at a spa is not enough to fully unwind.With a history of people enjoying hot springs dating back to Roman times, the town of Vichy, in France, is known for being a resort mecca of good health.

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It is common knowledge that ‘taking the waters’ is an excellent hangover cure; which you’ll have no difficulty acquiring in Budapest’s quirky Ruin Bars and never-ending nightlife.

Not only can you drink mineral springs directly from the source in the aptly named le hall des Sources (pictured left), you can also relax for days or weeks at a spa.

Enjoy your ultimate spa vacation in Vichy, France with the following tips: Getting to Vichy: Vichy is three hours from Paris by train.

Architectural artistry abounds in every direction in Prague; and a walk through the myriad of cobbled lanes will familiarise you with the largest urban historical centre on the UNESCO World Heritage List; beautified by a seamless blend of the Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau.

Days, weeks or even years could be devoted to discovering Prague – but on a limited timescale, Prague Castle is a good place to start. Vitus’ Cathedral, Lennon Wall, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and the Prague Astronomical Clock.

The shopping isn’t bad either; with the historic street of Getreidegasse in the heart of the bustling Old Town your one-stop destination for a spot of retail therapy.

There’s also a good explanation for shops’ excessive blaring out of Mozart. 9 Getreidegasse is the birthplace of Austria’s fabled compatriot; which now resides as a museum dedicated to the world’s most famous composer.

Information & Tickets As you approach the Czech capital, following the scenic drive through the mountains of Bohemia; Prague’s naming as the City of a Hundred Spires becomes well-founded.

But that is just the proverbial tip of the majestic iceberg that lies beneath.

Okay, so while we can all agree that Vienna is amazing and there is nowhere else we’d rather be; did you know that some of Europe’s most desirable capital cities are reachable within a few hours?

Combine that with Austria’s second city and sprawling urban vineyards; and a wealth of day excursions from Vienna await as you enjoy a five-star stay at Grand Hotel Wien.

Grüner Veltliner – the quintessential Austrian grape – is common, along with Riesling and Chardonnay.