How to handle the dating game

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How to handle the dating game - rjcress dating

But when you have a neurologic condition— especially one that could be progressive— it gets even more “complicated,” to borrow a term from Facebook status-speak. When do you reveal your condition—and how much do you reveal—if it’s not evident?How do you handle rejection if it’s based on your condition, and even if it’s not?

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On the day she was anticipating a third date with a guy she was really beginning to like, she noticed that the fatigue and tingling in her hands that had been nagging her for a week had spiraled into something much worse.

By the time I got to the doctor, I couldn’t keep my balance.” A neurologist immediately ordered a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, which revealed a spinal cord lesion in her neck.

“Because of where it is, you could have serious mobility problems,” he told her. You need to be in the hospital right now.” From her hospital bed, where she was receiving high doses of intravenous steroids to calm the inflammation in her spinal cord, Milliken wrote an email to the guy she’d been dating.

“The third date had enormous potential to go somewhere, and I’d really been looking forward to that,” she says. I told him, ‘Hey, I’m in the hospital and you’ll never believe this, but I just got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis [MS].

It’ll take me a little bit to recover, but I’m looking forward to going out again.’” The guy quickly emailed back—“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! Dating is a minefield for everyone and horror stories abound, from tales of meeting wackos and weirdos to never hearing back from someone you really liked.

On the online dating sites she’s tried—, Ok Cupid, and e Harmony—she always includes photos of herself that show her in her chair.

“It might not be the cover photo, but if you looked through the photos, you’d see that the wheelchair was there,” she says.“There was a whole delay on my left side,” she recalls.“As my brain was telling my feet to walk left, right, left, right, the left side was behind.“But once you’ve decided this person is worth spending more time with, that’s when it’s important to start sharing more about yourself.Secrets and half-truths are not a solid foundation for a good relationship.“There’s a period of adjustment, grieving, and adaptation.

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