Human trafficing in phillippines dating sites

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Human trafficing in phillippines dating sites

In particular, South-East Asia is often reported to be an origin region for trafficking into Asian countries.

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However, with the emergence of social media as a new platform for human traffickers, it becomes more difficult for the authorities to trace the offenders as their crime becomes wider and sometimes hidden.Wealth was not the only basis of the social classes but race as well.Thus, it is implied that a wealthy native can never be equal or higher than any Spaniard and therefore be treated as a slave.In many cases, they are used primarily for advocacy or purposes.Oftentimes, this crime is invisible in nature which the victim is unaware that he/she is already being trafficked.Enslaved persons had options to get their way out of servitude, like through intermarriage with a acts of extraordinary service or bravery.

Shahani (2013) added that chattel slavery was also common, where slaves were treated as personal properties of their masters and could be bought and sold as if they were commodities.

It was a violation of human rights 200 years ago and so it is still today.

It has also continued to be an international issue.

It is dynamic, adaptable, opportunistic and, like many other forms of criminal activity, it takes advantage of conflicts, humanitarian disasters, and the vulnerability of people in situations of crisis.

In most cases, the structural factors of human trafficking are similar to one another such as the underlying economic and social context, but in the larger context, its patterns are varied and depend on geographical and regional locations (Cameron et al. According to the United Nation’s International Labor Organization (ILO), human trafficking generates a profit of about .6 billion annually, which was accumulated through exploitation, either sexually or through coerced labor.

The World Bank estimated one-fourth of the Philippine population is living below the poverty line, and leaving them with no other options but to engage Human trafficking is not new in the Philippines and it can take many forms – from prostitution to forced labor such as migrant work or domestic servitude – and children can also be victims.

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