I am dating a felon

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I am dating a felon

Maybe she do do childcare in a different location than your home.According to title 22 she most likely will not be able to have it in your home if you both live there; living there meaning that you spend the night at least 4 nights a week or majority of the month (the state will check- they may ask neighbors or relatives and may even investigate on their own) because all adults over 18 that live in the home are subjected to background tests- even if they promise they wont be there during daycare hours.

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I wouldnt count on the fact that licensing visits and inspections are few and far between.

I heard of one provider that lived in her daycare home only on weekdays because her husband and her bought one house but didn't want to do daycare in it so she rented a house from her sister-in-law (one of her assistants) but they would stay at the home they bought only on weekends because she has to live in the daycare home the majority of the time.

Also, to be honest, this business is alot about professional image of not only the provider but sometimes even their family.

I hate that a mistake of mine from 16 yrs ago-before we ever met-is negatively impacting her.

Forgive my rambling and feel free to message me if you rather not public ally comment but have insight.

I honestly am not here during her business hours-I work a lot-so I am honoring the spirit of the law but want my wife to have her business for the tax benefits, insurance coverage and to remain competitive in an era where there are licensed chill cares on every corner.

She charges a day for up to 10 hrs and does crafts, field trips to zoo/park/etc., age appropriate learning, password protected webcam monitoring etc but she has lost a couple people because she doesn't have that piece of paper.I understand your frustrations but I honestly would not suggest trying to work around the system.Am I really going to have people parked on my street counting how many times I come over at night? Parents n kids never see me either For the record, I'm not sure if that is the minimum or if it would work in this case because that "living at the child care home" thing is usually used because the law says that a home daycare has to be in a home that the licensed provider lives in.OK, I read through the relevant parts of 22 and under no circumstances can my wife get a license as long as I am a resident.There is no possible exemption for those convicted under the 187 penal code, which I was. So...realistically I am not going to move out-my wife and kids are important to me. Hypothetically, if I got my name taken off of our lease and committed to staying over there 4 nights a week I would not need to do any paperwork right, since I am not a resident?Perhaps she could purchase or rent a commercial building and open a small family-like child care center or she could partner with someone else and run a child care out of that person's home.