Infp dating estp

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The INFP, in turn, can inspire the ENTJ to see many different ways of looking at the world and can inspire them with new angles they might never have thought of before.INFPs are often attracted to the ENTJs intensity, ambition, confidence, and leadership capabilities.

The ENTJ is driven and focused on achieving their goals, and this single-minded determination and the efficiency that goes along with it is attractive and intriguing to the INFP.

The INFP is intrigued by the ESTJs practical, outspoken nature and the ESTJ is fascinated by the INFPS gentle, insightful demeanor.

While these two types share zero preferences, they share all the same cognitive functions so they will simultaneously feel like opposites that “get” each other in a way that is baffling to them both.

I see this with the relationships I come across in the Myers-Briggs® world as well.

I’ve talked to probably hundreds of INFJs in relationships with ESTPs or ISTPs and numerous INFPs with ENTJs or ESTJs. I’ve received a request from an INFP to write a post about the INFP/ENTJ or ESTJ relationships.

They can help the INFPs ideas to spring forth into life, and not just simmer as ideas for an eternity.

INFPs can help the ENTJ to get in touch with their Introverted Feeling, and become more conscious of their values and own personal morals.For example, INFPs and ENTJs share the same dominant and inferior functions, but reversed.The INFP is dominant in Introverted Feeling and inferior in Extraverted Thinking, while the ENTJ is dominant in Extraverted Thinking and inferior in Introverted Feeling.The ENTJ is drawn to the INFPs gentle nature, their amazing listening skills, and their creativity and numerous insights.ENTJs and INFPs can get into long, drawn-out discussions about the purpose of life, the nature of the universe, or any other number of global concerns.They find comfort in the INFPs selfless nature and are amazed by their incredible listening skills.

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