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It means you are actually doing what the Bible says in your life.

God Commands Us to Love Him and People Because it Glorifies God If you want all the Bible verses and explanations about why the glory of God is the whole purpose of human existence and main goal God is always achieving, feel free to read my article What Is the Glory of God According to the Bible. Because the image of God is reflected in these commands.

God’s nature, qualities, and actions are summarized in his love for himself and his love for people.

To glorify God (to bear his image) we must obey his commands (love God and people).

Applying the Bible to Modern Life Lastly, when talking about applying the Bible, I believe it also means we take biblical principles and apply them to modern life, to everyday life, and to our own life.

What Does “Applying the Word of God to Modern Life” Mean?

What does it mean to apply the word of God to your modern life? It means you apply biblical wisdom and the Spirit’s leading to everything you go through and to every question you have.

If you are not filled with the Spirit, if you never pray, if you don’t read the word, if you don’t have faith, and if you do not exercise your will, then you will not actually apply God’s word to your life.

But that is more about the “How to apply God’s word to your life.” There’s more to say about “What does it mean to apply God’s word to modern life?

They were always trying to trap Jesus in these lose-lose types of questions. With jaws hanging in the crowd, Jesus exits stage left to let the people mull over what he just did, “Dang, he actually did it.

But Jesus was undeterred and actually answered the man’s question simply and beautifully, “You want me to tell you which command is the most important out of the hundreds found in God’s word? And not only that, I’ll tell you the second most important command: Love people. He just summarized the whole book in three verses.” So “What does it mean to apply the word of God to your life? But it is drastically simplified with the answer: Love God and love people. Ultimately to glorify God it means to bear his image.

We’re expected to find ‘the one’ and be on the track to marriage by age 22, yet all college students want to do is grind at a bar, go home with someone and never have to see them again.