Intimidating actions by unions

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The problem isn’t just corporations that violate the law.Over the years, our legal system has allowed unfair elections to become the norm.

Today, millions of American workers are denied their right to form a union because the process of voting on union formation has been corrupted.This takes the “secret” out of the “secret ballot”—the most common conservative mischaracterization of current union organizing rules.Meanwhile pro-union employees are banned from talking about forming a union except while they are on break time and from distributing pro-union information except when they are both on break time and in a break room.For every 1 percent increase in union density, voter turnout increases by .2 to .25 percent.[1] By passing the Employee Free Choice Act, Congress can support workers’ democratic right to bargain for their fair share, raise the wages of working men and women, and pump billions of dollars into the American economy.The bill would allow workers rather than corporations—as under current law—the choice to organize a union through a simple majority sign-up process—a system that works well at the small number of workplaces that choose to permit it.Rather than recognize that the freedom to form a union is a democratic right and that we all do better when workers are paid their fair share, opponents are fighting to preserve the status quo.

They don’t want their power challenged by unionized workers.More than 90 percent of companies legally force workers to attend anti-union meetings that include “one-on-one conversations” with supervisors.According to research by University of Oregon Professor Gordon Lafer, workers often face pressure from their direct supervisors—the person with the most control over their job—to reveal their private preferences for the union.Corporations have the right to their opinion, but they do not have the right to distort the election process to such a degree that it is a parody of democracy.A democratic election requires that one side does not hold all the power, control all the media, and control the timeline of the election.Many corporations focus significant time and energy on fighting union organizing drives; 75 percent hire consultants to run sophisticated union-busting campaigns based on mass psychology and distorting the law, according to Cornell University Professor Kate Bronfenbrenner.