Intimidating lines

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Intimidating lines

This works great for many professions, such as teachers or coaches who need to grab attention quickly.It’s worth noting that although we won’t cover many curses in German, the German population generally has no problem with cursing, and they show it on TV without any censorship.

I can’t imagine a good German movie or TV show without some sort of conflict involved.

This is also a better way to tell a friend, coworker or relative that you aren’t to be messed with right now, since it’s not all that aggressive, and you can keep the situation from going out of control.

Translated as “I’m furious,” this sentence takes the level up a notch, revealing that you truly mean business.

It’s also nice, since many of these anger-based sentences double as joking statements when speaking with friends.

You can also leverage anger to show people that you’re truly being serious.

The motion indicates that the other person’s brain is located in their elbow.

If you stick to the word has a rough translation to “Good heavens!

What if you could speak to your spouse, kids, coworkers, friends or just about anyone in German, but not express when you’re ticked off?

Telling your significant other you love them is nice, but revealing anger is just as important as schmoozing when it comes to resolving problems.

It’s also not too vulgar or insulting that you would end up getting into a brawl with it.

This is a simple statement that states “I’m angry.” Although it may not seem like the ideal way to reveal your emotion, being clear and to the point is often the most rational method instead of throwing a tantrum or something like that.

The point is to come back with the word when someone is talking nonsense, so although it doesn’t have a direct English translation, it pretty much means “Nonsense!