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On February 6, 1996, Dave Matthews and guitarist Tim Reynolds played an intimate set at Iowa's Luther College, wowing fans with acoustic arrangements of Dave Matthews Band songs.The two hour-plus set included songs that would appear on that year's , along with fan favorites "Granny" and "Deed Is Done" otherwise unreleased at the time of the 1999 debut of the Live At Luther College CD.

Riviera Maya Support Announced We are excited to announce the line up for each night in Riviera Maya.They're both active, they look after themselves, they both wanted a full life, they're very positive and very glass-half-full people." Feargal's team meets every day in their boardroom to sift through their members' profiles and match up prospective couples.One in three new members at Intro Matchmaking are as a result of a referral from a couple who are in a long-term relationship.City of Hopes research has led to the development of four of the most widely used cancer fighting drugs today.As one of the worlds leading cancer research facilities, there are almost 30 new drugs in development (clinical and preclinical testing phases) at any given time. Tim Reynolds Announces Brazilian Tour Tim Reynolds just announced a solo Brazilian Tour starting on November 26th!"We have slightly fewer women on our books in that age group.

Men at ages 39, 40, 41 are now deciding they want to have kids.

The agency's "most heavily populated" age group is the group between 33 to 40 years.

A major focus for both genders in this age group is they want to start a family.

The smell, the anti-social aspect of it when people are leaving them alone in a date scenario to go out and have a smoke." On paper, two people might seem like they wouldn't make a good match, but the reality is often far different.

"One guy was in farming down the country in Munster and he was in his 30s.

The number one pet peeve for women on the dating scene is when men are stingy or tight, according to Feargal.