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I believe that the relationship between EU towards Ukraine and Serbia remain the same no matter the Brexit - started his talk with Telegraf the ambassador of Ukraine in Serbia Oleksandr Aleksandrovych about the recent referendum in Great Britain and the way it could impact our two countries.UKRAINIAN AMBASSADOR IN SERBIA FOR TELEGRAF: Serbia and Ukraine have gone through similar suffering, now we go along in the EU (PHOTO) - On one side, we are sorry that the British people voted to leave the European Union.

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After the Euro Maidan and next to the constant fights on the east of the country, there are efforts to go forward and solve problems that could be the obstacle towards European Union.

This is the background of the problem we have with Russia in geopolitics, Europe and the whole world.

It is not about NATO, but the values, human rights and the rule of rights.

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A month ago, on the Ukrainian border with Poland, a French man was arrested who, allegedly, planed number of attacks in France just before and during the European championship in football, and in the moment of arrest 125 kilos of explosives was found in his possession?

- Luckily, there were no information nor accusations of Ukraine or their citizens that the weapons from Ukraine had any role in the terrorist attacks.Hundreds of local prosecutors were dismissed and new people came to their place.Also in the court system we are conducting reforms to increase the independence of court and secure that the new judges are not corrupted.Of course, there is a possibility of smuggling the fire arms easily.On the line of the separatists and the Ukrainian military, we tend to have strong control and the police and army often arrest the people that try to smuggle anything.According to the data of Ukrainian association of fire arms owners, the number of illegal weapons is around 4.5 -5 million.

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