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When Jamie becomes preoccupied with trying to track down his absent father it looks like he's about to squander his chances of ever getting picked for the school team, and when he discovers a terrible truth about the man he has always worshipped it has the potential to crush him, but Jamie fights back the only...Given the obsession most young British kids have with the national sport, it is surprising that more programs like this don't exist.

It may be the fantasy of most boys that age but Jamie has the talent to make his dreams come true.Johnston's father is an executive at IMG which is the sports agency that represents Woods.A source told Terez Owens, a leading sports blog, that the the two have been seeing each other for a few months now and have been spotted on Woods' yacht.This does mean a lot of this is pretty contrived, with social plots dominating the first season and in the second the usual moral parables about 'getting too big for your boots but coming out of it stronger with more humility'.As you can imagine, many 'lessons are learned' and most story lines seem to exist for this purpose only, so the lead character can search within himself and become a better person.To be fair I split my time between cheering for the Owen Sound Attack & the Ottawa Senators.

In fact the only thing that could convince me to move back to Ottawa again would be a proposal from Ray Emery, Mike Fisher and/or Chris Neil.

I have a feeling this will be most enjoyable for kids aged 5 to 11 - which I'm not sure was the target audience.

Older kids will cringe at parts and see through the average script and acting, and the lack of any really engrossing, exciting story lines - this is 2017 and they have anything they want at their fingertips, usually things with more edge and creativity than this.

On a sidenote, you can be almost certain that the soundtrack was put together by a white guy in his early 30s - football matches are soundtracked by the new Radiohead album, and just about every song used on the program (and there are a lot) is by a UK indie/rock band from 1995 to 2010.

Not exactly reflective of what estate kids are listening to these days, but hey ho, it seems to work pretty well.

The BBC have certainly gone all out here, securing cameos by the likes of Carl Froch and Steven Gerrard and giving the show more mainstream advertising than perhaps any CBBC show has had before.

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