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It's basically impulse control only stretched out over a period of perhaps several months. The question, however, becomes slightly more complicated and interesting if you consider that the desire to have sex with a woman may not be simply a matter of hormones and pregnancy. If I were to end my marriage, how would I justify it to an impartial observer?

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She wrote in a recent blog post: "I had my nurse call my best friend Kathryn to give her the news.So my suggestion would be to hold off, if possible, on sleeping with your friend until after you've had the kid. Then, if these desires still persist, rather than live out your whole life with unsatisfied desires, I think you really need to make some serious choices. Well, since they are choices that would shape the rest of your life, you have to assess your life in sweeping terms. You may find, if you ask these big questions, that you are actually on the right track and doing exactly what you should be doing. On the Tuesday, August 30, episode of Counting On, Jinger Duggar continued to be unable to eat, talk and generally function because she was so head over heels."Jeremy Vuolo is my best friend from Laredo, Texas, and he recently asked me if I would enter into an official courtship with him," she reported with an enormous grin on her face.God is great as I have rose [sic] above and am successful beyond all of these setbacks!

" But according to Facebook group to chat about all the latest updates and juicy gossip!

Then you would have a situation with two young kids, an unsatisfying marriage and a desire to experiment sexually with members of the same sex. Those are, as I said, rather sweeping and grand questions.

Then a different principle comes into play: Try to act as quickly as possible on long-term needs, because the neglect of long-term needs causes long-term unhappiness. If you're actually dissatisfied with your married life, get to work on it. But then you are contemplating some sweeping and grand decisions. Patent and Trademark Office as a trademark of Salon Media Group Inc.

But the fact that I'm not getting any sort of sexual release with him is frustrating me to no end.

A girl can only self-pleasure so much (though I'm sure many people disagree with me! We've talked about it but with no solution, other than his apologies. I have a girlfriend who's also pregnant and who has made a few sexual advances toward me.

The tricky part, it seems to me, is how you tell the difference between short-term and long-term needs. That one ought to live one's life as though it were a work of art has a certain relevance here, in that a work of art requires an overall design or idea in order to stand as a solitary thing in the immensity of time. So ask the big questions, and be guided by the answers. Reproduction of material from any Salon pages without written permission is strictly prohibited. Associated Press articles: Copyright © 2016 The Associated Press. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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