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Three months after the interview hit the newsstands, the agency was shut down.

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She found her customers through online personals, chat rooms and telephone talk lines for singles. In May of this year, Celeste says, she decided to quit for good after a client, a doctor, hurt her during sex.

"I did this for 15 years and I never stopped being afraid. Mc Lennan and Celeste both say working for a high-end escort agency or as a call girl is preferable to working in the streets because the money is better and it's less risky than walking the streets.

Researchers, meanwhile, are divided over whether the sex industry victimizes the women.

When Itzler suggested Mc Lennan, then 28, work for him, she decided "dating" guys beat waiting tables while she continued looking for acting gigs.

By 2004, Mc Lennan was earning around ,000 an hour, sometimes more, seeing "two to three clients a day for at least two to three hours each." When it came to catering to the needs of her well-heeled customers, "I was always on call." Natalie -- known as Natalia -- had hit it big; in July 2005, she was profiled for a New York magazine cover story.

"I figured he of all people would know the limitations of a person's body, but he didn't and I thought I was going to die." Mc Lennan and Celeste represent two sides of an industry that perennially generates headlines and pop culture buzz.

Tabloid tales of high-priced call girls and politicians -- like former New York Gov."The words that are said to these women on the job, the names they are called by their [customers] and pimps hurt them emotionally. Not to mention that the shelf life of women in prostitution is short -- if women manage to stay alive in it, they don't last a long time." Farley, who spent two years investigating eight legalized brothels says, "Nevada brothels are scary, scary places." Her research, which was supported by a U. State Department grant, found that 81 percent of the women in brothels don't want to be there.Other researchers disagree with Farley's findings and contend that by legalizing prostitution in the form of brothels, women in the sex industry can gain a modicum of legitimacy.What's harder to get agreement on is whether the sex industry victimizes women.Risks and rewards When Celeste met her first pimp at a gas station hang-out, she was vulnerable and alone.Her family had neglected her, she says, and she was often the target of psychological abuse. I was living on my own, mainly, and he took care of me." Mc Lennan, on the other hand, felt more in control and says she enjoyed aspects of her former job, especially the money and the opportunity to "party with rock stars." "I never felt that I was a victim, as opposed to the girls on the street," says Mc Lennan.