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It shows that G-d is always "doing his job" and protecting us.There's an amusing story in the Talmud about the famous convert Onkelos.

Unsure of how to hang the Mezuzah on your screen door?The Chabad Chasidim have their version of the Ari style, based on the views of Chabad's founder, Rabbi Shneur Zalman, author of the book "Tanya".In addition, the Sephardic Jews, mostly from North Africa and West Asia, have their own style, known as Velish. However, price differences are based on the halachic and aesthetic quality of the scrolls.Rather than stand outside, I moved back, so I'd be under the roof of the barracks and not have to get soaked.The next morning a furious sergeant asked us who the guy was who thought he could get away with not standing outside while guarding.Just as I meekly raised my hand, and waited to be torn into by the sergeant, he got distracted by someone else. One reason the Talmud gives for putting a mezuzah near the outside is that the mezuzah is related to G-d protecting us.

The matter never came up again, and I got away with it. Since a guard who does his job stands outside, we put it as far as we can outside, while still managing to keep it "within our gates".But the ever-resourceful Onkelos found a way to communicate with them. The soldiers were overcome by curiosity, couldn't resist and asked him why he did that.His answer: "When you Romans guard your emperor, you stay outside, and he's all comfy inside. G-d guards us, so he's the one on the outside, protecting us on the inside." What happened? They got the message of the mezuzah: "G-d will watch you as you go out and as you come in, forever." 3.Putting up the mezuzahs will give your home a spiritual upgrade. The Chasidic communites generally follow the tradition of the great Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, known as the "Ari" (also 16th century).This style is essentially a variation on the Bet Yosef script, differing slightly on some letters.Let me start with a silly story from my experience in the army here in Israel.

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