Joely richardson dating john hensley

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But now, aged 40, Richardson has thrown off the ingénue tag.

"I tried to stay as skinny as I could, which wasn't easy because for years I smoked and so I could eat whatever I wanted.Her last British film, Shoreditch, in which she starred opposite East Enders' Shane Richie, disappeared without trace.While her relatives win plaudits for their roles in Ibsen and Strindberg, Joely is still best known for her boyfriends and her love of catwalk fashion - unfair when she spent the 1980s in edgy, director-driven work from David Hare's Wetherby to Peter Greenaway's Drowning By Numbers. Even when she was a judge on the Whitbread Book Awards in 2002, eyebrows were raised - serious English actresses aren't supposed to dress up.But even the most level-headed actress can go a bit bonkers on a photo shoot. There are moments in Nip/Tuck where there's a side shot of me and I think, 'Look at the size of that nose!She studies the digital images of herself with a critical eye. '" With her strange, arresting beauty Richardson is a genuine one-off.Today her dressing room is piled high with samples from Balenciaga and Chloé (a year ago she was the face of mumsy high-street chain Principles).

But more importantly Nip/Tuck has kick-started her film career, which faltered slightly at the end of the 1990s.But over time I imagined six cribs in my house, and six car seats.was full of surprising and disturbing moments, but nothing could top the revelation that the show's mother and son tandem of Joely Richardson and John Hensley were actually together, despite a 13-year age gap.The director sees plastic surgery as the externalisation of self-hatred." For a time Richardson seemed overshadowed by the achievements of her illustrious family: grandparents (Michael Redgrave and Rachel Kempson), parents (Vanessa Redgrave and Tony Richardson), uncle and aunt (Corin and Lynn Redgrave), and older sister (Natasha Richardson).But now the success of Nip/Tuck - she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama in 2004 - has placed her in a new league."I loved creating the look for her: the dark wig, white mask face, bright red lipstick.

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