Juvenile substance abuse updating the field judicial college

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Juvenile substance abuse updating the field judicial college - gatwick adult dating

Problem with trafficking is it goes unnoticed for a considerable period of time.

Tejasweeta Pradhan (17yrs) and Shivani Gond (16 yrs), are members of the Students Against Trafficking Club (SATC).

Such myopic perceptions regarding treatments also lead to aggravating the addiction and induces frequent relapse.

Drug abuse is on the rise across the country, it isn’t a problem restricted to a certain district or a state alone.

In the same year West Bengal accounted for the maximum land area under illicit cultivation of opium poppy, a total of 1,899 acres which had to be destroyed.

Human Trafficking Every year Darjeeling witnesses hundreds of persons migrating to other states in search of job or livelihood.

Migrating for the purpose of livelihood is an age old practice, there are several actors involved in the migrations process, from family members to recruitment agencies, to employers.

Neither can all the actors be treated as potential suspect nor can a trap be predicted, thus perpetrators are difficult to track.The teachers and parents were also advised to be patient and support a person having an addiction problem, through the process of de-addiction and recovery.Justice Bagchi, further added addiction is a disease, if a person becomes addicted then instead of stigmatizing the disease s/he should be sent for treatment. The judges further spoke of devising a socio-legal strategy of combatting the growing menace of trafficking and drug abuse amongst youngsters.Justice Aniruddha Bose, Executive Chairman of the WBSLSA and Justice Joymalya Bagchi, Judge In-Charge of Darjeeling district, spoke of de-stigmatising the victims of trafficking and/or drug addiction.They encouraged the students to speak about a drug problem which either they have or someone they know have.A special unit of Drug Rehabilitation Centre was inaugurated at the Darjeeling District Hospital on the same day by the Calcutta High Court Judges. There is a pattern in addiction development, usually youngsters start experimenting with drugs out of curiosity, which over a period turns into addiction.