Kanye west dating selita ebanks

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Kanye west dating selita ebanks - dating older bachelors

She awakens in his tastefully appointed post-and-beam home with a television broadcasting the day’s stock market results.

When The Hollywood Gossip staff first heard about Selita Ebanks and Nick Cannon dating, we jumped to the conclusion that they got married. The Hollywood Gossip staff made a rare error when we previously reported that this Victoria's Secret model was married to Nick Cannon after just a few weeks of dating. Carter, of course, declared his ever-lasting feelings for Kaci Brown after a whole seven days of knowing her.

He added: “I will not give up on life,” explaining he takes creative initiative from “people who will never have their voices heard.” “Runaway” follows West’s character Griffin -– first seen driving a futuristic sports car not unlike the many fetishistic vehicles he frequently posts photos of on his blog -– who encounters the smoldering wreckage of what looks like an asteroid on a swervy mountain road.

From the rubble he pulls a character called the Phoenix (portrayed by lingerie model Selita Ebanks), a pneumatic nymph with reflective white eyelashes and a barely there outfit of strategically positioned feathers.

The star defensive end has managed to snag Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks as his girlfriend.

And she couldn't be happier about it, Selita said to People magazine.

Monday night’s Hollywood screening of “Runaway,” an expressionistic 40-minute movie written, directed by and starring Kanye West, gave a preview peek at the rapper-producer’s buzzy debut film project -– a visual “accompaniment” to his November album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” that will be broadcast simultaneously on MTV and BET on Saturday.

But then, coming on the heels of recent premieres in New York, Paris and London, this latest “Runaway” screening also functioned as a forum for the hip-hop superstar’s grandiose sense of self as well as West’s latest assertion of the increasing insignificance that mainstream media holds in his promotion process.Arriving after weeks of build up on West’s Twitter account, with preview snippets first posted on West’s blog, “Runaway” has been a subject of fascination among pop watchers across the blogosphere. “It allowed me to be creative; for the first time to take a break since I recorded ‘Jesus Walks.’ ” He recalled being galvanized by his foray into the biz: “We thought we could change the world with a coat!He has also “leaked” various tracks, remixes and studio outtakes from the new album through an initiative called G. ” West also provided clues about what fans can expect on “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”: production help from hip-hop elites including No-I.Describing himself as a “philanthropist of culture,” a “soldier” and a “cultural icon” in remarks after the screening, West admitted there were times he considered taking his own life, presumably at points after his mother’s accidental death in 2007.“I contemplated suicide,” West told an audience consisting of friends, creative collaborators, radio programmers and media types.Selita Ebanks wants to club Eva Longoria on the head with a stiletto heel. But the fact of the celebrity gossip matter is that Longoria and Tony Parker have been hogging the wedding spotlight for weeks now.