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Finally, the answer from a prophet: Kisses are sacred, and are meant to express affection, honor, and admiration.

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Great advice for youth comes from the popular youth speaker, John Bytheway, in his book What I Wish I'd Known in High School, pp.

My seminary teacher tried to explain that to a bunch of us sixteen-year-olds one day.

Kimball: Kissing has been prostituted and has degenerated to develop and express lust instead of affection, honor, and admiration.

What do kisses mean when given out like pretzels, and robbed of sacredness?

Petting is a formal word that refers to touching of private areas, particularly breasts or genitals (in the latter case, it's often called "heavy petting").

Instead of remaining in the field of simple expressions of affection, some have turned themselves loose to fondling, often called "necking," with its intimate contacts and its passionate kissing.

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Do you think it would have hurt their feelings to know that?