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She never imagined that one small theft would cause her to clash with such a formidable enemy.

And this time, I'm working with a very dear friend of mine to give these stories some extra color and dimension that they never could have had on their own. Jump in and see what we both have in store for this year! The dragon war continues to rage on, and five years later Astrid is questioning whether to be loyal to her tribe when she knows the killing is wrong. After a battle with the dragon hunters Hiccup is left in serious condition.

One thing is for certain Astrid gets very promiscuous when she's had one too many. When a rare dragon is shot down in a raid and offered up to the winner of dragon training, Astrid Hofferson sees it as a chance to finally prove herself. But now that he is standing before her, she can't remember what she needed to say. Hinako, Ranma and Akane look to take control over their lives.

But a chance encounter with a Deadly Nadder leads to a change of heart, throwing her life and the future of Berk into chaos. But what does this mean to the other people caught up the crazy town of Nerima.

But then an accident happened to Hiccup that made him lose the memory of the past 3 years, all he remembered was the day before he shot Toothless down.

How will he be able to deal with this whole new world? After a sudden attack on Berk Kingdom, Hiccup was forced to leave his country.

The only way to his redemption might be a blonde girl.

Something I always missed in the show was Hiccup teaching someone (especially Astrid) how to fly Toothless.

And what she really doesn't know is that this little incident will inspire her to think about things she'd never allowed herself to consider before. DAM, Zivon, and Hazzamo look at the weapons, armor, and abilities of the warriors of fiction before them to decide who would win a Death Battle. The Hunters were defeated and everything seemed perfect.

Hiccstrid started to date and life was great at the Edge.

Yes, he did it with Stoick on ep7 of Ro B, but something like that never happened again even though some riders had already flown Toothless…

So that's my view of him teaching Astrid to maneuver the pedal. For as long as she has worked at the Diner, the auburn-haired guy has been coming in, regular as clockwork. When he returns, something is different..Astrid watches him struggle with a broken heart and a series of unsuitable dates. Hiccup never really grew out of thinking he was different.

Info about me: Been a reader of fanfiction for about 3 years now, so I figured that I try it myself though most of the stories will be song fics, I want to practice with song fics before I decide to write a full story, so open to suggestions of stories.

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