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Jump on a trampoline The hardest part will be finding one, but I have faith in you!

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Write letters to one another & post them Maybe if you were on a date with a contender for Macho Man Of The Year this wouldn’t work, but I think it is almost the cutest idea ever.

Unfortunately, I’ve already taken off my going out clothes and am wearing my pyjamas, the top of which seems to on back to front.

I’ve also taken off the false eyelashes that, earlier that evening, I had so carefully fixed to my eyelids so I have to do a quick patch up job with some liquid eyeliner, red lipstick too, seems, through the vodka haze to be a monumentally good idea. He video calls me, and there I am in all my pissed up glory on camera for the world (him) to see. The cold light of day is shining through my window, ok it’s May, it’s pretty warm but the image needs to be bleak.

Plus, later on you have a record of what went on — & a slew of idiotic comments to wade through.

Liveblog your date Upload pictures, tweet it, even give it a hash-tag.

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My Skype obsession started some 4 months ago when, after a lengthy session of chatroulette, I found myself embroiled in regular online banter with a rather cute American boy.

This was all fine until he started to talk flights. But, with his departure (or should I say deletion) I was left with a massive Skype shaped hole in my life. X and I had a brief fling some 4 months ago, I say brief fling, we’ve met once, for less than 24 hours.

I was addicted, everything in Skype world is perfect, you can preen yourself to within an inch of your life, and then sit there cheeks and stomach sucked in, feeling like you’ve entered your own little reality television show. He lives in LA and I live in London, the reason I like to tote for our ‘romance’ not having gone any further; it definitely has nothing to do with the fact that I am a crazy psycho bitch who only seems to contact him after consuming enough alcohol to sink a ship. I rolled in at 4 in the morning and sent him a message which simply read “Sykpe?

Charmed by the fact he hadn’t got his cock out within the first 5 minutes of us ‘meeting’, our worldwide (web) pseudo relationship began.

Here, we’d spend hours gazing into each others’ eyes, fantasising over the ‘what if’ prospects of him coming here for passionate unadulterated sex and possibly marriage.

“First date” night This one works best if it’s not your actual first date.