Least intimidating animals

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Safaris are all about spotting and observing wild animals and their behavior.In Africa, the hunter can easily become the hunted.

That said, there are some species that may consider you as an easy prey.Lazy during most of the day, an opportunist when it comes to food, it appears too bored and relaxed to pose a threat. In Tanzania and Mozambique, lions kill as many as a few hundred people each year. Lions don't prefer humans, although they do count as prey.But once they get the taste, they'll set off on a killing spree.They attack when they feel threatened, also when irritated.Despite their size, they are actually excellent runners, reaching speeds of up to 40 mph (64 km/h).Chances are you'll encounter more lions on a wildlife safari than any other animal.

Weighing an average 500 lbs (200 kg), an elite member of the Big Five family, the lion is the only cat living in groups.

With sharp horns that can grow up to 59 in (150 cm), rhinos are war machines.

Add the fact that they're shortsighted, have a rather small brain and a very bad temper, it's easy to see why they deserve a place on our list.

Since 2010, mortality rates have decreased by 29% within all age groups.

People traveling to Africa already know they have to protect themselves against malaria.

Don't mess with them because they'll definitely outrun you!

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