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Libya mom sex cam

Such a moment could be seen as part of international efforts to tackle the problem of wartime rape, in line with the famous UN Resolution 1820 (2008) and the last decades’ attempts to bring to justice perpetrators of sexual violence in times of conflict.

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that point to continuities with some traditional discourses on wartime rape?

This week, the blogger and sex educator Violet Blue wrote that her URL shortening site,, had been seized by the Libyan government.

The site, which debuted in August 2009, was billed as "the Internet's first and only sex-positive link shortener service"--meaning that it wouldn't filter out links to sites of a sexual or pornographic nature, as some other sites do.

The selection of these organizations as sources of information is not based on the assumption that they provide the “absolute truth”, although I do believe that they have a privileged capacity to obtain data on the ground.

The choice was motivated by the fact that they can reach the broader public: the mainstream press usually refers to their reports on highly covered conflicts, as it was the case of the war in Libya.

Before I begin, a caveat: I am not an expert on Libya or on the Arab world.

This text will not propose explanations of the reasons that led to the occurrence of sexual violence during the war in Libya, nor will it speculate on the nature, forms, and extent of this crime in this conflict.On a broader level, this paper connects inevitably with studies on discourse analysis focused on the reproduction of ideology through the media (i.e.Teun van Dijk), with well-known works on the manipulation of the media in the context of “humanitarian interventions” and “just wars”,5 as well as with studies on orientalism (Edward Said's famous work and approaches like Etienne Balibar's understanding of “the new racism”).6 The problems addressed in these studies surely resonate in the present paper.My purpose here is not to discuss NATO’s involvement, or the outcome of the war.I am also not going to explore the situation of Libyan women before and after the fall of the dictator.Here I will stress that the Western media tended to pay more attention to rape stories that were politically beneficial to NATO’s war effort in support of the opposition.