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OU Credit Union holds the ability to terminate the membership of any Rebuild Checking account holder at any time due to account negligence or misuse.

Early withdrawal penalties will not be charged in cases of withdrawal due to disability or after death of an owner of the Certificate.

OU Credit Union's Rebuild Checking Account is designed for members who need assistance rebuilding their financial position.

This checking account is unique in that it allows you to build a positive relationship with us while we help you every step of the way.*Members demonstrating consistent, positive use of their Rebuild Checking account will be eligible for a Totally Gold Checking account.

Whether you're looking for a basic savings account or a higher-yield option, OU Credit Union has accounts to fit your financial needs.

OU Credit Union's 1-Year Add-On Certificate may be opened with as little as and allows you to add funds at your convenience.

Consolidate the cards in your wallet and enjoy access to everything you need on campus, as well as the purchasing power of Visa Debit.

OU Credit Union has savings options to help you make the most of your money.

See all member advantages for individuals - Financial products and services.

The information provided here is for demonstration purposes only, and is not a substitute for a professional advice.

Up to a total of ,000 may be added to a member’s 1-Year Add-On Certificate(s) each year.

However, regardless of the number of 1-Year Add-On Certificates a member may hold, the total of all funds added to the 1-Year Add-On Certificate(s) cannot exceed ,000 per member, per year.

Additional deposits do not change the Certificate's maturity date or rate.

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