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Parents and guardians should discuss, and emphasise, particularly with older teens, the dangers of flirting with strangers online.

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Advise your child of the potential risks in sharing any information that may help locate them in the real Chat, for example, whether any images have a precise place name. The use and sharing of images has exploded online especially on social networking details) can be used to locate and identify the child. not provocative, so as not to attract unwanted attention from adults who may wish to exploit children and young people.The Lycos Chat does not allow "inappropriate" images and will remove them when they are brought to our attention.Remind them that lying about their age puts them at risk and would mean we cannot protect them as we would like.Visit the Lycos Chat regularly and familiarise yourself with the services we offer, such as creating a profile, uploading images, making friends etc..Meeting "online friends" who may be strangers in the real Chat is not new or particular to sites like ours.

Children and young people often assume that those people they have spent time interacting with online are real friends and therefore safe to meet.Remind your child to review their contact list on a regular basis to make sure they still want each person on it.Negotiate with your child to visit and view their personal profile.Emphasise to your child that once a comment or a posting is made it may not be possible to retract it.It is important that parents discuss and establish boundaries about flirting online with your child from an early age e.g.If you are concerned about your child's use of Lycos Chat contact a Navigator who can advise you on the best way to deal with it.