Mandating vaccine opinion

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General Guidance on Discussion Posts: Your original post, due by Day 3, will typically be 3–4 paragraphs in length as a general expectation/estimate.Refer to the Week 1 Discussion Rubric for grading elements and criteria.

Fewer employees sought medical or religious exemptions than had signed declination statements during the previous year.Administrators planning to implement mandatory influenza vaccination policies for health care professionals must understand the implications involved in these policies.To prepare for this Discussion, review the peer-reviewed, professional journal articles and news article in this week’s Learning Resources, describing a dispute involving a health care facility’s mandatory vaccination or mask for seasonal flu.Medical or religious exemptions could be requested.Predetermined medical contraindications include hypersensitivity to eggs, prior hypersensitivity reaction to influenza vaccine, and history of Guillan-Barré syndrome.A vaccine is the most effective form of prevention.

In the case of influenza, a vaccine can cut your risk of developing the disease by up to 90 percent, depending on a variety of factors, including the effectiveness of the vaccine that year.Karen Higgins is a registered nurse and co-president of National Nurses United, the largest U. Influenza vaccination of health care workers has been recommended since 1984.Eight employees (0.03%) were not vaccinated or exempted.Reasons for medical exemption included allergy to eggs (107 [33%]), prior allergic reaction or allergy to other vaccine component (83 [26%]), history of Guillan-Barré syndrome (15 [5%]), and other (116 [36%]), including 14 because of pregnancy.Select one of these articles for the Discussion, or find one of your own in a peer-reviewed journal or on the Internet.

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