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The Dalton bridge spans the Warner River, and is eighty feet in overall length; roadway, seventy-five feet; outside width, seventeen feet; inside width, thirteen feet. It is a Haupt-truss bridge, named after General Haupt, an engineer in charge of railroads for the Union forces during the Civil War.In 1962 the Dalton bridge underwent extensive repairs and rebuilding at a cost of more than $10,000.

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It was built about 1800 and may have been the oldest surviving covered bridge in New Hampshire.

As the years went by, I began to realize that some of my old friends had disappeared.

Here and there as I came to a crossing, a new steel or cement structure had replaced the old 'pal' I had known." So wrote W.

Its overall length is seventy-six feet; outside width, seventeen feet; inside width, fourteen feet.

It is supposed to have been built in the 1840s, then completely rebuilt in 1857. It was again rebuilt in the 1980's Harriman's history states that the first bridge in town was built in 1773.

It stood about "20 rods" down the Warner River from the present bridge near the Lower Warner cemetery.

At first it was an uncovered bridge; later it received a roof.On the side of his wagon was a sign that read "Horseless Carriage." Sen. Chandler was the first person in Warner to own a motor car-a Stanley Steamer. Wilkins owned the second one, a Pierce Arrow with engine number eighteen. The road was designated by the New Hampshire legislature as the "Frank D.He kept it for five years and then sold it for fifty dollars. Merrill Highway" in honor of Major General Merrill, who commanded the unit known as "Merrill's Marauders" in World War II.In 1990 it was repaired and re-roofed by the State of New Hampshire Bridge Department at a cost of ,000.The Waterloo Bridge crosses the Warner River just above the falls at Waterloo.At one time there were at least eight covered bridges in town.