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"He's always played up a division, he's a very good ballplayer ...

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It’s an animal instinct to gang up on the odd one out.She’s not alone: Hundreds of people have signed an online petition against the event.I’m skeptical of banning words because they’re offensive.It was hard to take him seriously at first, all ripped and flexing his pecs.Later in the show he puts you in your place with all his acrobatic prowess.The turnover resulted in an eventual two-yard touchdown run by Johnson and a 14-0 advantage.

The stout Manalapan forced a punt on the following Jackson possession and Johnson was off and running again, racing down the left sideline for a 42-yard pickup down to the Jaguars three-yard line, before tailback Alex Baran bulldozed into the end zone on the next play for a 20-0 lead at the half."Andre Johnson has been playing with me since he was 7 years old," Manalapan coach Joe Santomarco said of his now 12-year old tailback.

However, the term has fallen into disfavor, and is considered offensive by most people of short stature.

The term dates back to 1865, the height of the ‘freak show’ era, and was generally applied only to short-statured persons who were displayed for public amusement, which is why it is considered so unacceptable today.” That cuts to the heart of what’s objectionable about the event in general: Its quiet mockery of people who are shorter than usual.

It represents people with dwarfism or other forms of short stature, the ones referred to by the word “midget” in the event’s title.“The event itself is using the M-word, which I don’t approve of because it is a derogatory word,” the chapter’s president, Lizzy Macdonald, told the Daily Times.

She also objected to what she sees as the event making a mockery of little people.

Some — including Oasis owner Bobby Riccio — argue that if little people want to do this kind of work, it’s their right.

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