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A shining representative of a shoestring racer, Hair was setting up for turn three but scaled the cushion and kissed concrete, with the resulting rebound returning an extended set of gyrations that crushed the front half of his nearly-new mid-tube CS-9 chassis and expelled an immense amount of methanol from its tail tank.

Although I do not relish the forthcoming freeze, stress of the holiday shopping season, and preparation for year-end tasks at work, the end of the line for outdoor racing action did not imply the end of my world.Some 68 balmy degrees at race time for Friday’s Kokomo Klash, the continued warm weather is what made the season’s end not seem fathomable.Other than a few shows in April and May, I was never layering up with heavy clothing on a regular basis.Labor Day weekend’s journey to Du Quoin was followed by the Speedrome’s 3-Hour World Figure 8 and a trio September USAC weekends that of course included the Four Crown.Since then I have counted down to this very conclusion, so here I am discussing these final flings.And as expected, Kokomo’s pit area collected a massive amount of machinery, 127 machines on Friday and more than double that figure for Saturday’s stock-car exclusive (264).

As for Friday, I focused on the 35 sprints and 23 midgets in attendance, loving the damp yet smooth surface that early on held a hue of dark chocolate.After a PM exit from my Castleton employ, while changing into dirt track attire along the old Pennsylvania Railroad Chicago to Cincinnati mainline, I listened to the first of four group hot lap/qualifying sessions that lined up heat races, this time straight-up.With fast guys beginning up front, sprint and midget heat races were essentially runaways, with all but one winner coming from the front row (Chris Windom).Likewise, having grown up under the influence of a father and three older brothers who were well rooted in road racing (Can-Am, Trans-Am, and Formula 5000) and the Indianapolis 500, after exposure to midgets, sprints, and champ dirt cars in my impressionable teenage years my auto racing interests soon evolved as well.Aside from the 500, short track open wheel stuff became the only action that moved my needle.Despite some strong storms in the days leading up to the Indianapolis 500, thankfully all events were run except for the Hulman Classic and Hoosier Hundred.