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It's not graceful or elegant, nor awesomely severe. I think people are mistaking my criticism for this proposal as hatred for it (which is far from the case).

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At least three local groups plan to respond to Minneapolis' request for development proposals for a site next to the Minneapolis Central Library.

D.-based Investors Real Estate Trust Inc., Minneapolis-based Graves Hospitality Corp. None of the groups has formally responded yet, but representatives of each of the three confirmed they plan to submit a proposal before the 4 p.m. Because the responses hadn't been submitted, none of the groups would comment on their plans for the site, citing obvious competitive reasons. If the designs suck from the minnesota firms I hope Doran brings in a big partner, and has something really impressive, but first let's see the designs first.

The Doran/ Investors/ Graves proposal sounds the most exciting.

Sounds like old Jimmy Graves wants back in to Minneapolis Hostelry after selling the Graves 601... A prime parcel off Nicollet Mall has attracted proposals from four developers with transformative visions that include an 80-story tower that would loom over the rest of Minneapolis skyline.

I also enjoy reading when a pension fund, real estate trust, or Teacher's union of California is investing..means a big money project... Three established Twin Cities players — United Properties, Mortenson and Doran Development — offered ideas for the site, currently a parking lot across from the Minneapolis Central Library.

But perhaps the most ambitious proposal came from a relative newcomer, Alex Duval, who says the team behind his mega-tower already includes a structural engineer who worked on the world’s tallest building, in Dubai.

“We have some extraordinary proposals that are emblematic of what I have called the sexiest block in the city,” said Jacob Frey, a City Council member who represents part of downtown.

Kimpton Grand Hotel iis the top-rated hotel in Minneapolis.

Our award winning service style and accommodation are a favorite among leisure and business travelers to the Minneapolis-St. A historic landmark in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, the Hotel Ivy captivates with Ziggurat style and seven miles of skyway, connecting guests to such attractions as the Convention Center, Nicoll ...

Mortenson: I figured we should make a thread on this because it will be something next year, might as well save time.

The City of Minneapolis sent a request for proposal to the public for a new tower on the former Nicollet Hotel site.

[...] It seems a little early in the current real estate development upturn in the Twin Cities to see a beautiful rendering of an 80-story building that may never get built.