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The average altitude of Valdemoro is 615 meters above sea level.

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The area was populated before the Moors' arrival, and this indigenous Gothic ( Goths are not natives to Iberia) population resisted the invasion fiercely.

Rainfall is scarce, making Valdemoro one of the driest regions on the peninsula.

Valdemoro does not possess overly abundant populations of flora or fauna, though 794 hectares of the municipal district are part of the Parque Regional del Sureste.

A part of the Continental Mediterranean climate, Valdemoro's temperatures average between 13 °C and 17 °C annually.

Though winters are relatively gentle, the sky remains overcast and the ground frozen from November to April. All precipitation originates over the Atlantic and is heavily influenced by the mountain chains that border the Meseta Central and the anticyclones of the Azores.

Valdemoro is one of the few locations in Europe where the Russian silverberry Elaeagnus angustifolia occurs naturally.

Recent urban growth has significantly diminished the land available for natural forest growth.

The city of Valdemoro borders the following municipal districts: to the North, Pinto and San Martín de la Vega; to the East, Ciempozuelos; to the South, Seseña and Esquivias; to the West, Torrejón de Velasco.

Valdemoro has 12 neighborhoods: Río Nilo, Brezo, Campo Olivar, El Caracol, El Restón I, El Restón II, La Estación, La Villa, Las Vírgenes, Viva Verde, Las Comunidades, and UDE Norte-Oeste.

Due to the recent population boom, Valdemoro has had to construct new transportation, educational, sanitation, health, and entertainment facilities.

The municipality's recent history is closely linked to that of the Guardia Civil.

During the Bronze Age, certain strategically located areas were populated in a number of temporary settlements.

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