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There is only one stress per word, and it can fall on any of the last four syllables.

Peter Polycarpou routinely spoke in Cypriot in his role as Chris Theodopolopoudos in the British television comedy series Birds of a Feather. On-line Proceedings of the 4th International Conference of Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory. Locals enjoyed gyros, spanakopita, or spinach pie; pastitiso, Greek lasagna; souvlaki, or shish kabobs and saganaki, otherwise known as flaming cheese.Even hot dogs from Chili John's Cafe in Beaver Dam were available for those with a non-Greek appetite.The first public picnic was celebrated in the church's yard in 1953 and when the event grew to be too big for the yard, it was moved to the fairgrounds in 1979.Hundreds of participants ate Greek food and listened to music Sunday afternoon, while tables full of food for sale lined the inside of the building.FOND DU LAC - Suzie Barrock of Kohler and her family make their way through several Greek festivals each summer.

Their first stop was Greek Festat the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds in the Expo building Sunday.

While most of the food was provided by Faros Family Restaurant in Fond du Lac and Two Brothers Restaurant in Oshkosh, homemade sweets were provided by Holy Trinity's Ladies Philoptochos Society.

Dena Meyst, a member of the group, said they start making sweets about three weeks out from the festival.

In the past hundred years, the dialect has been used in poetry (with major poets being Vasilis Michaelides and Dimitris Lipertis).

It is also traditionally used in folk songs and (bards). Hadjioannou, Xenia; Tsiplakou, Stavroula; Kappler, Matthias (2011).

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