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A woman in Oregon ran across the live stream while looking through the Webcams Viewer app for a spot to take her own family on vacation."Horror. In one of the games, to play you have to enter a server name."She obviously didn't know a server name. She ended up looking up on You Tube "servers to play Minecraft" and she ended up giving a name," Jennifer said.

Abraham appeared in a raunchy sex tape with co-star James Deen in 2013.Jennifer says the hackers didn't get through with a weak password but through one of her daughter's favorite video games.She had no idea people across the world had access to her daughters' room until a woman 2,000 miles away tracked her down.“It’s going live, answering questions,” the source said.“She’s comfortable talking about sex, relationships, contraception and sex toy topics.” Abraham may even treat viewers to a sex toy show!It looks like she’s having a blast already as she’s already challenged one player to a dance-off: Stephen Curry.

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