More dangerous than internet dating lyrics

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More dangerous than internet dating lyrics

Unfortunately, Huey, Riley and Robert soon learn that Luna is an expert on deadly arts of somewhat psychotic.The episode begins with Granddad trying to find a beautiful young woman to date through online dating sites (which he discovered from Riley in "Stinkmeaner Strikes Back") but with no more success than his first attempts.

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One complaint has lead to Malaysia banning the song, the government calling the lyrics "obscene" and urging private radio station to censor the song.Meanwhile, Luna is on her headset with a friend named Nicole (voiced by Tichina Arnold), who seems to believe that Luna should not take fault in anything that may have caused Robert to act strangely.Huey tells Granddad that that Luna cannot really be a White Lotus master, and leaves the bathroom to express his skepticism to Luna herself.Having been freaked out by the truth of Luna, Riley asked why Granddad invited a killer kung-fu wolf bitch to their home.Both boys insist that Granddad end his date immediately, but Granddad is not willing to end the date with Luna on the grounds for fear that she may use one of her 'exploding nutsack techniques'.While Granddad is quite a bit nervous, this soon turns to an object of horror among the family after Luna explains her participation in the mythical secret mixed martial arts master tournament known as the Kumite - everytime someone says Kumite, a sound effect from a Kung-Fu movie is heard for a second.

In a flashback, Luna is shown in one on one deathmatches which she dominates, before ripping her opponent's still-beating heart out (a reference to Mortal Kombat).This proves fruitful when Luna (voiced by Aisha Tyler) agrees to spend the weekend with the Freeman family.Both of the boys are a little wary, Riley especially believes she is going to steal their cash, but Granddad dismisses their concerns and assures the boys everything will be fine.That night, the Freemans and Luna enjoy a nice dinner, though the mood quickly shifts after Luna reveals she owns wolves (fifteen of them, along with a Dalmatian and two retrievers) and is a master of 'White Lotus Kung-Fu'.Huey is deeply disturbed by this, for being an expert in martial arts himself, he knows it to be the 'deadliest style'.In his lyrics is the pain of every ex that moved on, dream girl that swiped left, and DM left unanswered. Below, find our picks for the Most Sensitive Drake Lyrics.

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