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This page lists all the episodes for Season 4 of the ABC-TV series The Brady Bunch.

Peter arrives home and, unaware of the plan, tells Kerry that "Debbie" (Marcia) is their sister, and that it was an act. After being spooked by the boys one night, the girls work on their own method of revenge.

Bobby tries to get rid of the tiki, but it is returned to him by an unknowing Jan.

The boys learn that the idol must be discarded at an ancient burial ground in order for the curse to be removed.

In the subplot, Cindy wants to be a model, Bobby an astronaut, while Peter and Jan want go into the medical profession and borrow large medical encyclopedias from the library.

Peter mistakenly concludes that he has contracted a rare disease, but he has misread the encyclopedia.

Peter is shy with Kerry, so he enlists Greg to help with what to say to Kerry.

Kerry mistakenly concludes that Greg is the one interested in her, which causes friction between Greg and Peter.

Her angered siblings teach her a lesson; they grant her wish by ignoring her and staying out of her way.

Meanwhile in the subplot, the family plans a square dance at a Hoedown party, and Alice and Carol compete by making strawberry preserves for the dance.

Marcia decides to join every club at school, including the Boosters, a club of conceited girls who administer strict social rules.

When Marcia invites the Boosters over for her interview, Peter's previously malfunctioning science project model volcano, which is the subplot, finally erupts, spewing "lava" over Marcia and the outraged Boosters.

Marcia breaks into laughter and realizes the humorless Boosters are not the types of girls she wants to socialize with.