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It also gives audiences a very fly-on-the-wall feel that’s missing from other shows in the genre.The results should have psychologists scratching their heads for years, as was easily one of the smartest reality shows on television, which probably led to its demise as all the rules surrounding its penalties, executions, eliminations, quizzes and missions were too much to keep track of.

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Its contestants are a truly talented bunch (well, maybe not this season), whose mouth-watering dishes make stomachs growl — and, occasionally, gag — via ingenious challenges that range from cooking with food out of a vending machine to setting up a full-service restaurant in 24 hours.

Ten years and 22 seasons later, one would think that may soon be running out of exotic locales and tropical diseases to build its show around, but CBS has reportedly renewed it for another two seasons — proving that this old dog still has some new tricks to share.’s “make it work” is one such battle cry.

As the colorful contestants face design challenges that border on the impossible and picky judges whose criticism borders on the sadistic, making it work is the only thing that keeps them in the competition.

The other couples have been less lucky, instead enduring messy breakups, tabloid tell-alls, embarrassing mugshots stemming from a domestic violence dispute and one notorious case of the bachelor dumping the winner in favor of the first runner-up, whom he ultimately married (in a televised ceremony, of course).

Thankfully for audiences, the episodes are just as dramatic as their eventual fallout, rose ceremonies aside and included.

(Note that talent competitions such as , which feature contestants performing on a stage each week, have been excluded from consideration.) Unlike most lists we post on this site, these choices represent one person's opinion, rather than the critical consensus -- so feel free to add your own opinions at the conclusion of the article.

manages to be engaging, educational, and plain old interesting.Think of is as a reform school for the men of We've presented one person's picks for the best and worst reality competition shows; now, tell us yours: Which reality shows are your favorite and least favorite? Woman dumped by cheating hubbies/boyfriends they get in shape to do a burlesque show for them and show them what they are missing (I have seen a few episodes do not know why it is not showing this week :-( but I LOVE it. At least there is good ending and hardly any drama. The only good thing about Survior are the challenges. In this Fox series, “ugly ducklings” consult with plastic surgeons, personal trainers, cosmetic counselors and dentists to create a specially tailored, three-month program aimed at transforming them into beautiful “swans” for competition in a pageant.Too bad no one told them that this meant looking like tacky Vegas showgirls with big hair, bad highlights, fake boobs and sequined dresses.may be the most inspiring show on television, no doubt motivating countless American couch potatoes to join the gym and drop the pounds.

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