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Aisyah Allamanda, an official based in Rome, said: 'The numerous times I've flown out of Rome's airport, I also experienced the same kind of security check as I also happen to wear a hijab.'The same applies to others who wear the hijab at Rome KBRI, female Muslims believe that they can't take off their headscarves in public so they are provided a private room for a female officer to carry out the check.'If we refuse, I can understand if the security officer acts aggressively towards us.' Speaking to Mail Online, Ms Adzkia said: 'I completely understand about what is going in the world lately. 'Yet, what I've experienced in Rome was shocking, the way they treated me indecently has shown discrimination.I understand if it is for security reason, but why did they not give me a second to read the law?

During the party Kim asked me to wait outside as I did.For this reason, our staff asked her to go through to a private room, where they could check her head and headdress, as is strictly required by European and national laws, the purpose of which is to ensure safety and civil cohabitation.'When Ms Aghnia refused to remove her headdress, requesting to read the legislation, she was shown the National Security Programme, which was promptly translated into English by our staff.Further to her continued refusal, our staff were forced to move the passenger away from the control area.At the same time, however, we reiterate that what happened is completely unrelated to any form of discrimination.As I told you earlier I was Kim Kardashian bodyguard.'The way they treated me has shown that they do not respect a Muslim female wearing the hijab.' Later the same evening, Ms Adzkia booked a ticket to fly to London from Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, also in Rome.

Security staff again asked her to remove her hijab, this time she agreed and was able to get her flight.Ms Adzkia wrote: 'I wanted to prove to them that I have nothing to hide and that I am not a terrorist.'In the meantime, I saw two nuns wearing headscarves, but they weren't asked to take them off.'Is this what you call fair treatment and respect? 'A social media post by Ms Adzkia has received 20,000 views and more than 100 comments after being shared more than 400 times.But an official at the Indonesian Embassy argued that, when in Rome, Aghnia should have complied with the security officers' wishes.Aghnia Adzkia was passing through security when she was asked to take off her religious headscarf.Ms Adzkia claims to have been discriminated against and says she saw nuns passing through security without being asked to remove their habits.Muslim inmates at a woman's jail will be provided with special outfit for when they are checked over by sniffer dogs.

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    Although widely used in the analysis of spatial movement, the Fisher equation incorporates some biologically and anthropologically unrealistic assumptions (19), perhaps most importantly, that individual dispersal begins at birth, and so dispersal is continuous through life.

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    We will also explore the potential for your recovery, and during this session I will also fully explain Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how I would plan to support you moving forward.

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    Even so, the potential for harm was there so she was charged.