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It will examine the phenomenon of participatory journalism and the increasingly important question of who calls themselves a journalist.It will also look at some of the ethical issues facing journalism in the digital era.

There will be a particular emphasis on the growth and impact of new media, and the course will also expose students to the range of genre and format possibilities of the medium, and consider the aesthetic of audio.

For more information contact Adj Prof Franz Krüger, [email protected] This course is available for honours, masters and on a certificate basis.

This course will introduce students to the concepts and practice of online journalism, taught half as a lecture/seminar and half as a practical lab course.

In the lecture component, students will examine the origins of online journalism and its current trends, what online journalists are expected to do and the particular issues they face, how to use the online space for research and verification.

The course will look at how people understand information on the Web and how stories should be structured for the best readability.

It will analyse critically the way a range of contextual factors – including politics, history, culture, language, technology and others – impact on radio as medium and industry.

It will probe its place in the media ecology, both in SA and other countries, and its role as public sphere.

How to apply: All certificate courses cost R8 000 (except Development Communications and Radio Academy Certificates).

To register, fill in the application form and fax to 0 or email to [email protected] Accreditation: Please note that these certificates are issued by the University of the Witwatersrand in its own right, as it is entitled to do as a public university. These courses do not run every year, depending on demand and the availability of teachers.

Find out more about the Wits Radio Academy’s certificate courses and Development Communications Certificates.

Click here for the timetable The course aims to introduce students to the study of radio and audio, and to consider their changing shape and social impact.

Classes take place either once a week in the evenings over 12-14 weeks, or as full-time courses for 1-2 weeks.